• History

    A Brief History of Puerto Rico Baptist College

    Puerto Rico Baptist College is an independent fundamental Baptist college organized with the help of fundamental Baptist churches of Puerto Rico and the United States. Dr. M. A. Casillas, founder and president of the College, is a missionary and pastor of vast experience. The College is led by a Board of Trustees made up of pastors and laymen from Puerto Rico and the United States.

    The Puerto Rico Baptist College is designed to meet the spiritual, intellectual and social needs of each student, under the guidance of the Word of God, and with the goal of producing lasting results. The College operates with what the students are able to pay and with the financial help of churches and individuals. The College utilizes an adjunct faculty of area pastors and missionaries which donate their services, keeping costs to a minimum for students.

    On November 27, 1979, delegates of 14 independent fundamental Baptist churches met at the Conservatory of Music in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico, with the purpose of dedicating Puerto Rico Baptist College. The 200 delegates asked God’s blessings over this project which had been on the hearts of the Executive Committee for three years.


    Dr. Bacilio Alfaro, Interim President
    Dr. Douglas Cowan, Chairman of the Board
    Mr. Jerry Gass, Secretary of the Board
    Mr. Ron Burget, Financial Director
    Mrs.Kathy Burget, Registrar

    Highlights in PRBC’S History

    • 1970 PRBC begins as a Bible Institute offering evening courses towards a certificate in Bible.
    • 1975 Dr. Gilbert Stenholm speaks at the first graduation of the Bible Institute.
    • 1978 First annual island-wide Bible Conference sponsored by the Bible Institute.
    • 1979 The Lord leads Dr. Mike Casillas and 3 other missionaries to convert the Bible Institute into Puerto Rico Baptist College. Later that year 14 independent fundamental Baptist churches meet with the purpose of dedicating the Puerto Rico Baptist College.
    • 1980 First PRBC classes begin.
    • 1984 First PRBC graduation. Ten students received degrees and diplomas in Bible, Pastoral Studies and Christian Education.
    • 1985 PRBC welcomes its first foreign students, since then students from over 12 countries as well as from the US have received training at PRBC.
    • 1986 Mrs. Beneth Jones speaks at PRBC’s first annual island-wide Ladies’ Jubilee.
    • 1992 PRBC hires Suni Ponce on a full-time basis. He teaches a full load of classes and serves as counselor to the student body.
    • 1995 Missionaries Ron and Kathy Burget join PRBC full-time. They both teach, fulfill various administrative roles and supervise the student dormitories.
    • 1996 PRBC begins its English program to help train students from neighboring English-speaking islands as well as Hispanic immigrants from the mainland who have received their education in English but who speak Spanish at home and in church.
    • 2001 First annual island-wide Men’s Retreat sponsored by PRBC.
    • 2004 First PRBC yearbook is presented.
    • 2006 Rev. Doug Cowan is elected President of the Board of Trustees. This new leadership is committed to the development of the ministry as the Lord provides.
    • 2007-2010 Missionaries Bryan and Karen Malik join PRBC full-time. Bryan serves on the faculty and in various administrative responsibilities. Karen teaches piano and accompanies the choir.
    • 2010 Missionaries David and Roxana Keiser join PRBC full-time.
    • 2014 Dr.Casillas retires from the presidency of PRBC.
    • 2014 Dr.Bacilio Alfaro is named as the interim president of PRBC.
  • Doctrine

    Our Doctrinal Statement

    The purpose of this corporation is:
    To establish and maintain an educational institution of higher learning that will emphasize the Christian religion in accordance with the principles established in the Bible (the sacred Scriptures) as are believed and practiced by the biblical independent fundamental Baptist churches in Puerto Rico and the United States. To conduct and celebrate activities related to a Bible college, such as Bible conferences, seminars, trips, etc., as long as such activities do not conflict with the beliefs of the College, Bible principles, and the Biblical doctrines on which the College is founded, which are:

    1. The verbal, plenary and inerrant inspiration of the Sacred Scriptures, both the Old and New Testaments.
    2. The creation of man by the direct act of God.
    3. The fall of man into sin by the instigation of Satan.
    4. The incarnation and virgin birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
    5. His declared deity
    6. His substitutionary atonement (sacrifice ) for the sin of all mankind.
    7. His bodily resurrection from the dead.
    8. His power to save men from the condemnation, power and control of sin.
    9. The new birth through the work of regeneration by the Holy Spirit.
    10. The gift of eternal life by the grace of God.
    11. The indwelling of the believer by the Holy Spirit, Who enables him to live a life of godliness and service to God.
    12. The pre-tribulational, pre-millennial return of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    13. The ecclesiastical separation from those who disobey, alter, change, or disregard Bible principles; and separation from worldliness.
    14. The ordination by God of the local church for the perpetuation and promulgation of His truth and work in the world.
    15. Heaven, the eternal place for those who are redeemed by the blood of Christ.
    16. Hell, the place of eternal damnation for unbelievers.

    & nbsp;

    The Position of Puerto Rico Baptist College in Relation to the Charismatic and Ecumenical Movements

    Puerto Rico Baptist College does not believe in, has no part in, and does not promote in any way the charismatic movement nor the ecumenical movement and their activities. It is the belief of this institution that the present-day charismatic movement and the ecumenical movement are not of God and have no Biblical support.

    Our position, however, is not meant to be unkind to those involved in these movements. Anyone who comes from a church which is involved in either the charismatic or ecumenical movement must know our stand and must realize that the College will not endorse any activity conducted by any church involved in either of these movements.

    The Position of Puerto Rico Baptist College in Relation to Music

    Puerto Rico Baptist College uses and promotes good wholesome sacred music and does not allow the use of worldly, fleshly contemporary Christian music.

  • Mission/Values

    PRBC’s core mission and values


    Our Mission

    The PRBC is an independent fundamental Baptist institution whose purpose is to glorify God by training local nationals and international students in a bilingual enviroment where they become dedicated servants of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our college equips workers to serve the Lord through local churches and Christian schools.

    Our values

    misionThe primary principals and values that drive PRBC are:

    1. Academic excellence
    2. Evangelistic zeal
    3. Militancy for the faith
    4. Traditional fundamental music and strong Bible standards
    5. Local church mindedness
    6. Servant-heart discipleship
    7. Loving family atmosphere

  • Faculty/Staff

    We have a tremendous faculty composed of men and women who love the Lord, who are well trained and have extensive experience in the Lord’s work. Some are pastors, other missionaries, and some others are experienced teachers who share their knowledge and experience in preparing leaders to serve the Lord.

    • Dr. Bacilio Alfaro

    • Mrs. Kathy Burget

    • Mr. Ron Burget

    • Dr. Roque Becerra

    • Rev. Angel Espada

    • Rev. Calvin George

    • Mr. David  Keiser

    • Mrs. Roxana  Keiser

    • Mr. Suni Ponce

    • Mr. Steve Prelgovisk

    • Mrs. Tina Prelgovisk

    • Mr. Rafael Quintanilla

    • Mrs. Ada Negron

    • Mr. Ben  Cochran

    • Mrs. Carla Cochran

    • Miss Noel Ring

    • Miss Patricia Williams

    • Mrs. Ileana Ramirez