• Ladies’ Jubilee and Men’s RetreatFotolia_9644063_Subscription_Monthly_L-300x200

    The largest activity of the school year is the Ladies’ Jubilee and Men’s Retreat.  Held each February, Christians from all over the island come together for a day of preaching and fellowship.  This year nearly 400 people came together for the day-long activity.  There are six different sessions during the day, with
    men and women meeting separately for the first five sessions, then coming together for
    the final session.  Special speakers come to
    address specific Biblical issues and encourage believers in their walk with God.  During the services, the college students are busily involved in many activities including holding classes for children, helping to serve lunch, and providing special music.

  • Bible Conference

    Held in October each year in various places throughout Puerto Rico, the one-day Bible Conference is one of the highlights of the fall schedule. Each year a theme is selected, and Biblical messages based on that theme are preached throughout the day. It is a wonderful time of fellowship and encouragement from God’s Word for all who attend. Students not only help to organize the activity, but also provide classes and activities for the young people who attend.

  • Opening Service

    Every semester the school year begins with a special Friday evening service attended by adults and young people from various churches around the Island.  During the service, the new students are introduced, the faculty and staff are presented, and a special speaker preaches from God’s Word.  Then, during the evenings of the first three days of classes, special revival services are held in which messages are preached to encourage the students to commit their lives to the Lord and to make sure they are right spiritually for the beginning of the new semester.

    After each evening service, special games and activities are planned to give the students a chance to spend time together and get to know each other in a relaxed environment.

  • Student Activities2012-43

    This was a special week in which each day had a unique theme. Themes included animals, super heroes and villains, and athletes. Each day the students fashioned costumes based on the theme, with many students showing great creativity in the creation of their outfits. This was a fun week in which students were able to show their spirit.

  • International Banquet2012-27

    One week every year the school has a special emphasis on missions. A special missionary speaker is invited to preach throughout the week concerning the subject of missions. On Wednesday evening of missions week, the International Banquet is held. This is an evening in which all of the students are divided into world regions, based on their home country, and they prepare foods from their countries. They also decorate their tables and often wear clothing from their native lands. After the banquet, everyone comes together and the national anthems of every country represented in the student body are sung by the students from that country. It is a special week in which we are reminded that no matter where we are from, we are one in Christ, and that God has called us to go into all the world to reach the world for Him.

  • Thanksgiving


    For thanksgiving, a special banquet with a traditional Thanksgiving meal is held during the middle of the day on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving for the students, faculty and staff, and friends of the college. It is preceded by a special Thanksgiving service, and it is a time when we stop and thank the Lord for all He has done for us personally as well as for the college family as a whole.

  • Christmas







    The last event of the first semester is the Christmas party.  The student officers organize the party details including the location, decorations, and schedule.  It is not only a time for the students to get together and enjoy a time of fellowship and relaxation, but it is traditional for the students to exchange gifts.  Each student draws the name of another student, and one at a time the gifts are given.  Although we may never have snow here in Puerto Rico, with the decorations, the singing of Christmas songs and the exchanging of gifts, we are able to get into the Christmas spirit.

  • Valentines







    Each year the students hold a special Valentine’s Banquet. The student officers make all of the arrangements and are responsible for the decorating. It is one of the traditional events of the year, with all of the students dressing formally for the occasion. During the banquet, in addition to the delicious food, there is special music and a challenge from the Word of God. After the banquet the students took a trip to Old San Juan for pictures and a time of fellowship.