• General Information

    Student Life

    The spiritual growth of students is of primary concern to the administration and faculty of Puerto Rico Baptist College. Daily personal devotions are encouraged, and devotional groups meet regularly in all of the student residences.

     1. Chapel Services

    Daily chapel is a vital part of the spiritual atmosphere of Puerto Rico Baptist College. All students carrying twelve or more credit hours are required to attend chapel. Part-time students and special students are encouraged to attend chapel on the days in which they have a class. One chapel period a week is set aside for special activities.

     2. Christian Service

    A Christian education is valuable only when it is used in the service of Christ. Puerto Rico Baptist College expects students to serve Christ in local fundamental independent Baptist churches. Activities include child evangelism and Sunday School classes for the young women and various types of ministries in near by churches for the young men. Participation in some form of Christian service is expected by each student and is a practical application of the spiritual training the students receive in the classroom. These activities help to prepare the students for an effective life of Christian service and soulwinning.

     3. Mission Prayer Group

    A voluntary Mission Prayer Club has been organized where once a week the students meet to pray for specific fundamental missionaries and ministries around the world.

     4. Prayer Meetings

    Every night the students hold group prayer meetings before going to bed. Also, one day each semester is set aside for special emphasis on prayer.

     5. Soulwinning Day

    All Students are expected to testify and to try to win souls throughout the whole year; but one day each semester, classes are suspended and all of the Student body and members of the faculty go to a specifi c area to go door-to-door giving out tracts and literature and witnessing to the people about Christ. This activity is carried out in conjunction with a local church or a new mission work that is being established.


    Each single, full-time student must live in the College Dormitory unless he or she lives with his or her parents in the San Juan/Bayamon area. All dormitory students must submit to all rules in the Student Handbook. On the weekends, students from Puerto Rico should return to their homes and churches. The other students will be assigned to serve in local fundamental independent Baptist churches throughout the island.


    Although the College does not have housing facilities for married students, it does make every effort to help them find suitable housing accommodations near the school.


    The school considers the social life of its students an important part of the development of Christian character and poise and endeavors to offer a balanced program of social activities during the school year. The students, under the direction of the faculty, plan school parties, outings, game nights and other activities.


    Specific policies applying to the various areas of life on the campus and in student housing are in the Student Handbook. Each student must read and sign the statement promising to obey the rules in order to register. The rules are reasonable and necessary for successful Christian living while enrolled in Puerto Rico Baptist College. Puerto Rico Baptist College, as a Christian institution, expects its students to not only live above reproach but also to exemplify Christian unselfishness and kindness in their dealings with faculty and fellow students.  Discipline at Puerto Rico Baptist College is administered by the Faculty and Administration. Discipline is administered on a demerit basis. Details are in the Student Handbook.


    One of the advantages of a small college is the opportunity for students to have personal contact with faculty members. Puerto Rico Baptist College strengthens its students with Biblical counsel on spiritual, personal, and academic problems. The counsel of the resident and Administration and other faculty members is always available.

     NOTICE: To all students, staff and faculty members:

    In the event of a catastrophe such as, but not limited to, fire, windstorm, hail, explosion, riot, civil commotion, aircraft, vehicles and smoke, Puerto Rico Baptist College is not liable for personal injuries and/or damage to any personal belongings. Neither is Puerto Rico Baptist College liable for theft of personal belongings.


    The Puerto Rico Baptist College admits students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin to participate in all of the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally available to students of the College. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in the administration of admission requirements, educational regulations, scholarship programs, athletic programs, social programs or any other programs administered by the College.


    It is the aim of the Puerto Rico Baptist College to keep expenses at a minimum. Actually, the money received from students in tuition and fees does not cover our operating expenses, and it is necessary for the College to receive considerable outside fi nancial assistance in order to operate. Thus all students are required to meet their obligations to the College promptly.


    This catalog contains current information regarding admissions, degree requirements, fees, regulations, and course offerings. The policy of Puerto Rico Baptist College is to give advance notice of change, whenever possible, to permit adjustment. However, Puerto Rico Baptist College reserves the right to make changes, without advance notice, when it is deemed necessary.

  • Financial Information

    Payments by students of tuition and fees amount to a small percent of the costs of operating the Puerto Rico Baptist College. For the remainder of the operating costs, the College depends upon the generous support of churches and individuals around the world who believe in what the College is doing. Every possible effort is made by the College to avoid increases in the students’ costs and to keep them at a reasonable and acceptable level. However, the College reserves the right to change the charges for tuition, fees, and room and board without written notice.

    Textbooks, supplies, laundry and incidentals may total $200 per semester, depending, of course, on the individual student.

    The registration of a student signifies an agreement by that student to fulfill the related financial obligations through the end of the semester in which the student is registered. The testimony of the Puerto Rico Baptist College depends upon the power and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and on all those who are committed to the College. This includes financial obligations as well as spiritual commitments.  No diploma or transcript of academic record is granted to students who owe money to the College. No student who owes money to the College will be allowed to transfer credits to another school.

    A student who withdraws from the Puerto Rico Baptist College because of illness or other sufficient cause, and whose withdrawal is officially approved, may receive a refund as follows:

    75% will be rebated at the end of the first week of classes.
    50% will be rebated at the end of the second week of classes.
    25% will be rebated at the end of the third week of classes.

    There will be NO rebates after the third week of classes.

    Tuition, room and board, student fees, and all other costs for the full semester are payable at the time of registration. In order to help the student, however, the College has extended the privilege of a payment plan through which the semester bill can be paid monthly on the basis of 5 equal payments per semester.

    First Semester:
    1. One fifth (1/5) of the total expenses for the semester
    must be paid on registration day.
    2. The second payment is due September 1st.
    3. The third payment is due October 1st.
    4. The fourth payment is due November 1st.
    5. The fifth and final payment is due December 1st.
    Second Semester:
    1. One fifth (1/5) of the total expenses for the semester
    must be paid on registration day.
    2. The second payment is due February 2nd.
    3. The third payment is due March 2nd.
    4. The fourth payment is due April 2nd.
    5 The fifth and final payment is due May 2nd.

    The Puerto Rico Baptist College maintains a program of assistance to students having difficulty meeting the cost of college education. This assistance is provided in the form of work scholarships for part-time work on the campus. Through the work scholarship program a student may be able to deduct approximately $100.00 a month from his account, depending on the number of hours he has worked. Every student will be assigned a job.

    Tuition per semester (12-16 credits)
    (to be paid at registration or in 5 payments)
    Room and Board per semester
    (to be paid at registration or in 5 payments)


    Other Costs and Fees:

    Application fee (not refundable) $ 20.00
    Matriculation fee per semester (not refundable) $ 52.00
    Tuition, each credit over 16 credits $ 65.00
    Tuition per credit for part-time or special students
    (those taking less than 12 credits per semester)
    $ 65.00
    Library fee per semester $ 22.00
    Computer lab for personal use per semester $ 50.00
    Accident insurance per year $ 16.00
    Use of student phone per semester $ 13.00
    Use of internet per semester $ 30.00
    Piano practice fee per semester $ 27.00
    Music appreciation course lab fee $ 43.00
    Activity fee per semester $100.00
    Medical fee per year (This wil be credited to the student’s account if he does not have to go to a doctor) $ 70.00
    Audit (without credit) per course $ 17.00
    Late registration $200.00
    Graduation fee $ 52.00
    Returned check charge $ 21.00
    Transcript fee (1st copy-no charge) $ 6.00
    Computer course lab fee $ 55.00
    Textbooks per Semester (approximate)
    (must be paid in cash when the books are received)
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